What An Honor!

While watching the movie 300 which I believe contains great concepts on leadership and teamwork, in the last fight scene right before the entire 300 Spartans are wiped out, there is an interchange between a soldier and their fearless king and captain Leonidas. During the interchange, with both men severely wounded the soldier reaches out to the king and tells him that it is an honor to die at his side, but just then Leonidas looks his fellow soldier, friend, and countryman in the eyes and tells him that it was an honor to live at his side.

The question must be asked of leaders or those with influence who work or collaborate with other people, do we honor those who work with us and or for us? We see it all the time in churches, universities, politics and many other places the honoring of t...
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Weeping Leaders

While reading the book of Nehemiah. I noticed something unique about Nehemiah and ultimately about those who are called to lead and serve. When hearing about the condition of the walls of Jerusalem, Nehemiah did something that most leaders aren’t known for or you don’t hear about regularly. He wept! Yes he sat down and began to cry over the condition of the city. In a day when leaders are considered tough guys or women for that matter, I wonder what touches our heart enough so that we would cry. The next time someone is running for a position or a political office maybe we should ask them if or when was the last time they cried over a situation or the condition of a city, county, or state...
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Some Essentials

Leadership quote

Today, more than ever, there is a need for sincere authentic leadership. While there may be countless lists of what makes a great leader, we must also look at what causes a leader, or people in general, to succeed or fail.

There are four types of people that fail, or rather, there are four attributes that leads to the failure of a person not reaching their full potential. The four types of people are: the undecided, the unfocused, the unexcited, and the unlearned.

Leaders today must be able to decide what it is that they are called to do and how they are going to do it. Once a person makes a decision concerning a particular matter, he or she now has goals to accomplish and this brings about focus.

Being focused brings clarity to the agenda at hand...

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